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Join with other crewmates and prepare your spaceship without getting killed by the impostors

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Among Us APK – Introduction about the game

Download official Among Us APK for Android. (Latest 2020.11.17) Download and Play Among us APK+ MOD (Fully Unlocked) with your friends for FREE.
Among us is an Online Multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth LLC. You can play Among Us APK with 4 to 10 players online or via Local Wifi. Recently this game attracts many eyes of the world due to its simplicity and interesting gameplay.


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Additional Information about Among Us APK

File NameAmong US APK
DeveloperInnerSloth LLC
File Size76 MB
Latest UpdateNovember 26, 2020
Current Version2020.11.17
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+
Fantasy Violence
Mild Blood
ModeMultiplayer (Local or Online)

How to play Among Us?

The game starts at a launchpad. Where all the players are joined here before the game starts. When the person who started the server then press the ‘Start’ button to start the game. After 5 seconds countdown, the game starts and players are randomly assigned into “crewmates” and the impostors depend on the settings you have chosen.

Crewmates in Among us

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Crewmates are the good guys. If you have been selected as a crewmate, you have to do the tasks and be vigilant about the imposters and report a dead body of your fellow crewmates. The Tasks you have are listed in the upper left corner of the screen. Also, the map will show you the places you can do the Tasks.

To do a task, just go to that place and tap the “use” button. Then you can do that task. There are tasks of different difficulty levels. Based on the settings, you can get 2-5 tasks. Some tasks are common to all the crewmates.

Imposters in Among us APK

Among us apk

The imposters are the bad guys. If you are an impostor, all you have to do is kill the other crewmates without being suspicious. Impostors also get a fake task list on the top left side of the screen but you cannot actually do the tasks. All you have to do is fake the tasks, win the trust of the other players, and kill the crewmates.

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Also for the ease of the impostors, they can sabotage the important systems in the spaceship. (oxygen supply, Reactor meltdown, Lights, etc..) When the impostor sabotage, there is limited time left for the crewmates to fix that. If the emergency countdown is over, the impostors will win the round. Also, Impostors can use the vents in the spaceship to travel from one place to another quickly. Impostors can sabotage one system at once and they have to wait sometime (which is defined in the settings) before sabotaging another system.

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Sabotage Menu

When a body is found or when the emergency meeting button at the center of the map is tapped, the players can discuss and find out who the impostor is. The game does not have audio support yet, only communication with the other players is through this discussion via text messages.

Download official Among Us APK for Android. (Latest 2020.11.17) Among Us APK + MOD (Fully Unlocked)

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